Busy Lizzie (White)

Impatiens walleriana

Busy Lizzies are well known for blooming for the most part of a year which is where the name is derived from “BUSY”. They have a flat 5 petal flower with around 4 cm in diameter and can be found in a variety of colors.

They look wonderful in hanging baskets or bedding areas in your garden. Busy Lizzie is a perennial plant.

Here at Uniplumo you can find them in white and pink.


Water well throughout the season. They may require more than one watering a day in the heat of summer, particularly those in containers and baskets. Fertilize every other week with a water-soluble formula. A fertilizer with too much nitrogen will cause the plant to produce lush foliage, but fewer flowers.

When soil is dry
16 to 30°C
15 to 60 cm
Interior & Exterior Living
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