Maxi Dahlia (pink)

Dahlia hortensis

Dahlia is a specie related to sunflowers and daisies. With one head of flower per stem; these can be as small as 5 cm diameter or up to 30 cm. The stems are leafy, ranging in height from as low as 30 cm to 2.4 m.

The diversity of the Dahlia allow you to use them in many different aspects of your landscape design, from low growing border plants to background plantings.


Provide a deep watering 2 to 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes with a sprinkler. Dahlias benefit from a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer. More flowers will develop if grown in full sun. During winter they will die back to form an underground tuber, remerging the following spring with an even bigger display of flowers.

When soil is dry
13 to 24°C
Up to 60 cm
Interior & Exterior Living
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